About Rapid

Your Challenge, Our Solutions!

Who we are? 

Suzhou Rapid Technology Co., Ltd. was founded back in 2008 by Mr. Sunny Zhang. Located in Suzhou Industrial Park, closed to Shanghai approx. 100 km. Ever since then we supply tailor-made solutions of special cables for all industrial segments of the market in Asian Markets.

Standard cables aren’t always sufficient for your actual needs.

Rapid Technology is able to offer special cables that suit your specific application. Starting at only 300 meters you can have your special designed cable!

As your technical partner, we can face to face to advise on technical consultation and solutions; From the first time contact to discussion to design to production to sales, we offer everything from one-stop source.

Due to our long experience, we have an in-depth knowledge of the business and many close relationships home and abroad partner. 

Our customers will benefit the below excellent customer services and technical support from us.

  • Rapid response
  • Advantage technology
  • Professional advice
  • Innovation solution
  • Delivery Advance

What exactly do we do?

No Standard cable, Just only Tailor-made special cables!

Cable produced at customers wishes, Custom made cables constructed to fit your application!

We Just only to supply the long-lasting, sturdy and durable or miniaturized, high-flexibility, top-quality customized special cables or plug-and-play cable systems – exactly to your all requirements

What do we offer?

Using its many years of know-how and experience, Rapid technology can supply and designs develop a different type of tailor-made special cable solutions for various industrial market segments, such as miniaturization, high-flexibility, top-level torsion resistance, sturdy and durable and chemical resistance or other special application are required.

Fields of application include the Automotive industry, Railway technology, Maritime/Shipyard, Aerospace/Military, Medical Equipment, Industrial Automation/Robotics, Instrumentation & control technology, Sensor/Measurement technology, Oil & Gas, Renewable technology, and Nuclear Technology as well as Mechanical engineering equipment, etc…

Your Technical Partner- By Rapid Technology

Hotline: +86 (0)-512-6706 5330

Fax:        +86 (0)-512-6762 9436

E-mail:   Sunny.Zhang@rapid-china.com