HEI-tape® by HEW-KABEL


Another newly developed process makes it now possible to manufacture expanded PTFE tapes with a very steady distribution of the embedded pores. The new brand HEI-tape® is implemented in the field of high frequency technology because of its excellent dielectric properties. The dielectric constant is 1,2 compared to 2,1 for massive PTFE. The dielectric loss of products made with HEI-tape is significantly lower than with solid PTFE.

The steady structure of HEI-tape tapes allows that data cables manufactured with this material can be implemented for data transmission up to the GHz area. Furthermore, these cables have a very small outer diameter and lower weight. Through the porous structure, the signals are carried forward almost at light speed. Loss and distortion of the signals are minimized, too.

Compared to coaxial cables made of other foamed fluorpolymers, coaxial cables with a dielectric of HEI-tape have a higher data rate transmission (High Speed Cables) because of better distributed porosity. RG 400 HEI-tape coaxial cables have a reduced diameter of up to 30%, a lower weight of up to 60% and a smaller attenuation of up to 10% compared to a coaxial cable made of massive PTFE.